Saturday, February 23, 2013

La Boda de Alicia y Cesar

La noviaHace un tiempo a tras, tuve el placer de conocer a una bonita pareja colombiana, Alicia y Cesar. Nuestro encuentro se dio mientras ellos buscaban un fotógrafo para su boda. Pero mientras hablábamos de dicho tema, era claro ver que entre nosotros tres empezaba a nacer una amistad y respeto mutuo. De hecho yo disfrute tanto de su conversa que me atreví a sugerirles que nos juntarnos nuevamente para seguir platicando de su boda mientras tomábamos un baso de vino. Ese día llego, y juntos visitamos el lugar en donde la recepción de su boda iba a ser. Y a pesar de que supe con claridad que la reservación del local había sido hecha, que el menú había sido escogido, y que las invitaciones con la dirección de dicho local habían sido enviadas a familiares y amigos, nuevamente, y con todo respeto, me atreví a sugerirles un local mucho mejor para celebrar el mejor día de sus vidas, su boda. 
Casi nunca soy parte de las decisiones que toma una pareja,
pero en el caso de Alicia y Cesar,
hice sugerencias respetuosas pensando en su felicidad,
en la comodidad de sus familiares y amigos y en lo lindo
que todos se pasaría. Los dos son especiales, y se merecen.

En el día de su boda tuve la oportunidad de
conocer mas de cerca a Cesar. 
Y me la pase súper bien. 
Cesar no es solamente caballeroso sino también 
tiene un sentido del humor muy contagiante 
y tiene riendo a todos cerca de el. 
The handsome ring bearer. 

A true friend never gets in your way unless you are going down.

Así, pues, ya no son dos, sino una sola carne.
Por tanto lo que Dios unió no lo separe el hombre (Mt 19,4-6).

Entonces, como se siente al darse la vuelta y ver a tus mejores
amigos aplaudiendo por tu felicidad?

Durante la hora del cocktail mientras se esperava que la
celebración del matrimonio comenzara. 

Los amigos que important, los que siempre están en la mente,
los llenan de felicidad nuestras vidas. 
En el primer baile de bodas, no solo los cuerpos giran al ritmo de la
musica sino también, los corazones palpitan de felicidad.

Brindando por la felicidad de la nueva pareja. 
Celebrando la union de dos almas que se quiere mucho. 

Y como en toda buena fiesta latina, la comida y el licor
no puede faltar. 

Y cuando la fiesta termina, una nueva vida juntos comienza.
FELICIDADES ALICIA Y CESAR. Se les quiere mucho,
y siempre sonreiré recordando las memorias vividas en el
dia de su boda. Tino

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Evelyn Dayanara

 A friend on mine invited me to an important  ecuadorian beauty event, I arrived a little late, and as I approached the stage I saw several photographers trying to get a shot of the girls competing that day. I stood motionless, camera in hand, and felt odd not to be shooting when every one else did. As I walked around, I saw from the distance a beautiful girl, later on I found out her name is Evelyn, I approached her and she smiled as if telling me that it is ok to photograph her. I took a picture and she loved it, and a few days later I had the pleasure of shooting her again. Here are the results.

In my opinion there are two things that makes a portrait beautiful: "good" light and expression. I did not find either of the two at the stage. Therefore, I walked away from it. 

As I struggle to improve my photography skills, I've learn that to succeed in this business one not only needs to be a good photographer but also a good business person, a good leader and an excellent communicator. 

For those of us who really love what we do, it is not the amount of money that we charge to the customer that make us happy, but instead, the satisfaction to know that among many, we are the ones honored with the responsibility to document an important moment in the lives or our clients. Photos are and will always be a silent way to remember moments in our life that will never repeat themselves. Tino

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The playful two: Mark & Kimberly's Wedding

A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of photographing Mark & Kimberly's wedding at a beautiful catering hall called, Verdi Caters in Whitestone, NY. The pictures that you see here were documented that day. I hope you all like them.

In marriage there are no manners to keep up, and beneath the wildest accusations no real criticism. Each is familiar with that ancient child in the other who may erupt again. We are not ridiculous to ourselves. We are ageless. That is the luxury of the wedding ring.

The playful two. Kim and Mark begun their party with the right  foot.Notice how they do the entrance. There was no formalities.There was no one to impress. They were among their closest friends. They all knew how fun they are. They all knew how they behave among friend. And they were all ready to have a great time with the newly married.

The positive energy that this couple radiates makes them very special and had all their guests laughing during the whole party. 

The party was coming to an end and they kept laughing and playing with each other. I will never forget such a wonderful experience that I had the honor to document. 
There were times that I actually forgot that I was working for them. 
They made me feel that I belong to their party. 
They were simply great.

Mark's brother doing the toss

 Mark's brother spoke greatly about his brother and 
told anecdotes about their experiences 
growing up together and this had every one laughing. 

As painful as it might be, 
there comes a time when the son has to move on to begin his own family.                                                                             

You know that you have a good friend when he looks straight into your eyes and speaks to you from his heart.
Close friends contribute to our personal growth. They also contribute to our personal pleasure, making the music sound sweeter, the wine taste richer, the laughter ring louder because they are there.

Lisy and Nathan's Wedding

I first got in touch with Lisy when she sent me an email from Virginia Beach, VA. She said "I'm looking for photography that simply captures the highlights of the banquet. I am not doing a full-fledge Chinese style wedding like my best friend did years ago. We are only focusing on the dinner portion of the celebration at Lake Pavilion in Flushing."...

...That sounded fantastic to me and I got very excited that for the third time I was going to photograph a Chinese wedding. But Lisy was quick to point out that her family actually comes from Cuba. When I heard that my excitement grew even more because she was actually going to be the first Cuban bride that I photograph. 

As it turned out, I was scheduled to photograph the wedding of a police couple in Long Island, NY the same day that Lisy and Nathan were having their party. I explained that to Lisy and she was so understanding and trusting and allowed me to send my second crew to photograph her event. In return for such generosity, I offered her a shoot the next day of the party. The pictures that you see here are the result of that. But to be honest, I also wanted to meet Nathan; she spoke greatly about him and I felt that I want to meet him. And when I finally did, I knew that he was a great man.

Lisy was not only my first cuban bride, she and Nathan were also the first military couple that I photographed. There must be something in their military training that shaped the way this couple are and made them very understanding.

As time goes by, I have learned that Nathan is an excellent cook. Como todo latino que nos gusta comer bien, supongo que Lisy is very happy to have not only a great man besides her but also a great chef in her house.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Henry es una persona con la quien he compartido una linda amistad desde el 2007. En todos estos años he aprendido mucho de el y en momentos difíciles el siempre ha estado listo para ayudarme. Ultimamente nuestro horario de trabajo nos ha distanciado un poco pero nuestra amistad sigue siendo la misma de antes. 

Aprovechando nuestro día libre debido a la tormenta Sandy, Henry y yo nos reunimos para merendar juntos y mientras esperábamos por la comida aproveche la oportunidad para tomar estas fotos. Espero le guste.

Así de preocupado se ve Henry inclusive después que la tormenta ha pasado.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jasmin and Andy's Wedding

So, how does a woman feel when she turns around and right next to her is the man of her life? Are there words to describe it?

A woman always looks beautiful, but in her wedding day she looks just stunning.

A sign that two souls have not only decided to form their our family, but that they also believe in a greater power that will help them as they walk towards a greater future. 

La abuela, the one and only, the reason why the bride exists. 

You know that you have true friends when despite the cold and wind they are willing to stand by you in the wedding day. 

As soon as met Andy, I knew this couple was different. The little time that we spent together before the wedding gave me such confidence that I felt that I was photography a couple of old good friends.

           This is what good friends are for. 

Another unforgettable moment. The expression tells everything. 

The hilarious moment when the bride tossed her bouquet and it almost felt in her own head.