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Wedding Cake

I am happy to share the beautiful cake from the wedding that I photographed on Saturday. We arrived to the venue half an hour before the ceremony began but by the time we brought everything in and set up our equipment we only had ten minutes left. We took advantage of that time and photographed the details in the ballroom as we knew that we will be doing family pictures during the cocktail hour. The constant pressure, the up and down running, the feeling of bringing two families together during pictures keeps my job interesting and I won't change for anything else.
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Shaphan & Mileydy

Un gusto saludarle de nuevo amigos. I'm happy to share a picture from Shaphan and Mileydy  that I took during their  wedding ceremony last Friday in Brooklyn, NY....Things have changed in the wedding industry. Nowadays the majority of our clients communicate with us via email and text. A personal consultation or even a phone call seems like a thing of the past. The time of our clients is very valuable and the information that they usually get when meeting us in person is now available in testimonials from previous clients. Testimonials are so powerful, therefore our job today is to provide great quality of pictures and the best experience to our clients. Quality and experience go hand in hand.

Shaphan and Mileydy are christians and their ceremony was very meaningful to them, therefore I tried to be as discreet as possible. At one point I even left the ceremony room. In fact, the picture that you see here was shot from outside their ceremony room. I shot through the opening in the…

Usando el carro como reflector

Lo mas importante como fotografo es conseguir la mejor luz posible dentro del ambiente que se encuentra al momento. A veces cosas que a primera vista parecen ordinarias pueden servir de mucho en mejora la calidad de la luz. Este es el caso en esta foto. Aquí usted puede ver como yo use el carro como reflector para llenar las partes sombrías en la cara. El carro también me sirvió como un objeto para posar a Connie e inclusive me sirvió para esconder cosas que no quería mostrar en la foto, como los pies y los zapatos por ejemplo. Siempre hay mas de una manera de resolver los problemas fotográficos, solo necesitamos mantener una mentalidad abierta.


We are one day away from wedding season 2018. This is going to be a great year for our studio. We have been blessed with great couples whose weddings will be in beautiful places such as The Inn at New Hyde Park, Old Tapppan Manor, The Venetian, etc, etc. It's going to be a great year. We are ready to give everything that we got. The results of each wedding matters to us. The happiness of each couple matters to us. Tino's team.

Jorge & Isabel

I was giving the distinct honor of photographing the most important day for Jorge and Isabel. Isabel looked stunning in her wedding dress and we had a beautiful view of down town New York City from the top of the James Hotel where she got ready. Their ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful India House in NYC. These are a few portraits of the two of them. Enjoy!


Jorge & Isabel
Wedding photography is not as easy as some seem to believe. No matter how organized a wedding is, things always don't go as planned. The makeup artist falls behind the schedule, the bride and her bridesmaids had no time to eat, the bride has not been able to sleep the night before thinking about her big day, the location can be small, dark and full of bag, shoes, cloths and other items, the light can be challenging, the weather can prevent us from executing our plans, etc, etc. In the end though our job as wedding photographers is to hide all the things that happen during a wedding and portrait the bride, the groom, their friends families as if all wen't as planned and even better. This is one of the things that separate us from the ones who own a camera and are able to snap pictures.

Sweet Sixteen

What do you think about this gorgeous sweet sixteen dress? We are very excited to announce that within a couple of weeks our studio will begin at full speed our 2018 wedding and sweet sixteen season. We are going to be from Long Island to Staten Island and from Westchester to Rockland and Putnam county. It's going to be a great seasons. We are looking forward to it and we can't wait to share the pictures with you.

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Father and daughter dance

Among all the things that we need to do as wedding photographers, our job consists in capturing special moments such as this. These are the type of pictures that bride's cherish and care about. This is a moment that we can't recreate. This is a moment that come and goes, and we have to be ready for it.